PHSC values experiential learning as a key component to a student's undergraduate and career success.  Internships, service learning, and extended volunteering can help students build confidence in their choice of major and career path.  Experiential learning also helps students to become "career-ready" by developing the critical transferable skills that prospective employers seek in candidates across industries.

To participate in an internship the student must have prerequisite credits and be currently enrolled in AA, AS in Business, AS in Finance or AS in IT.  Drafting, Paralegal, and other internships are available through those department chairs (see catalog for more details) 

  1. Completes forms and give to Career Services:
    • Student Internship Request (required to apply )
    • Current resume
  2. Applies for Internships via job search sites  
  3. Signs Unpaid Intern Form if it is an unpaid internship
  4. Career Services gives registration letter to student
  5. Register for the internship course relevant to your degree program
  6. Instructors send syllabus and Learning Agreement form
  7. Deadlines:
    • June 15 for the fall semester
    • October 15 for the spring semester
    • March 15 for the summer semester

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Internship Policies 


Students who wish to participate in an internship course must meet the course prerequisites as listed in the course description.

Internship courses

Internships provide a planned work-based experience that will provide students with an opportunity to enhance workplace skills through a supervised practical experience related to their career objective. An internship agreement will be developed which includes academic supervision and work assignments. A minimum of 90 work site hours are required in this course. Regular meetings are held with the instructor or workplace learning coordinator. Student performance is graded as “Pass/Fail”.

Credit hours

Three credit hours

Worksite hours

Punctual and regular attendance is expected. Ninety minimum hours are arranged on a work site with an approved business supervisor or One hundred and twenty hours for the CIS 2941 Information Technology Internship. You will be given a copy of a Learning Agreement which will include the worksite hours per mutual agreement between you (the student) and the business supervisor. You will be expected to adhere to the schedule. Any schedule changes must be arranged with the agreement of your business supervisor and reported to your faculty supervisor.

Grading scale

Pass = 90-100%, Fail = 89% or below, S = Satisfactory, U = Unsatisfactory

The student will need 27 “S” grades out of 30 learning objectives to earn a Pass. A midterm conference may be scheduled at the discretion of the instructor.


Compensation may or may not be a part of the internship. The type and amount of compensation, if it is included, is at the discretion of the business partner.


Students receiving wages as a form of compensation should be covered by the participating internship employer’s workers’ compensation policy.

On-site business visits by the faculty supervisor

On-site visits are encouraged and will be arranged between the faculty supervisor and the business partner.

Time and attendance documentation

It is the responsibility of the student intern to provide the timesheet to the business supervisor for regular entry of the student’s work site hours with the supervisor’s signature. The student must complete a minimum of 90 work site hours to meet the internship work site hours requirement.

Appeals and grievances procedures

Students will follow appeals procedures that are in accordance with Pasco- Hernando State College’s policies and procedures. Please refer to the college catalog for details.

Intern Responsibilities 

Following is a list of intern responsibilities.

Employer Internship Steps

Looking for professionalism, the desire to learn and a good fit for your company culture? PHSC students are available from a variety of majors to fit your organizational needs and structure.

To participate in the internship program in AA, AS in Business, AS in IT, or AS in Finance, employers:

  1. Complete two forms:
    • Business Partner - Internship Request
    • Student Internship Agreement
  2. Schedule interview with student
  3. Sign Acceptance of Student Intern
  4. Schedule dates/times with student
  5. Review and sign the Learning Agreement
  6. Sign Internship Timesheets